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SWAP with Us!

Be a part of the Swap Sensation and have your group start collecting SWAP Pins from around the country. 

Here's what you do:

  1. Make swaps with your group. Design your own or make one of ours. Read our tips for help with making a good SWAP

  2. Put the child's first name, city, state, age and troop number on each swap. You can do this by gluing a small piece of paper on the back or by making a small flag to hang from the pin.

  3. For each set of SWAPs that you make (up to 20), you will need a large self-addressed manila envelope (approx. 9" x 12", with 3 stamps on it. Children may have their SWAPs sent c/o their teachers or leaders. Your address will never be used for any other purpose. For more information read about the privacy statement.

  4. Send your SWAPs and your self-addressed stamped envelope to

    MakingFriends SWAPs
    7 Dogwood Road
    Kings Park, NY 11754

Please note: If you do not send a self-addressed stamped envelope, you will not receive SWAPs in return.


We will usually send you back all the same swap, so it's best to send one swap per girl per envelope.

If your are looking for all different swaps back, please put a note in the envelope and we will try to accommodate the request.

To set up your own swaps, go to the Girl Scout Connection and read the posts and leave your own message.