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What is a swap?
A swap is a small handmade craft, often with a pin, that scouts and others exchange. To find out more about the origins of swaps, click here.

What type of swap should we make?
It's up to you. If you are swapping at an event, it's nice to make swaps that commemorate the event. Going camping? Make camping swaps. Going to council event? Make girl scout swaps.

I'm not very crafty, should I do this with my group?
Sure, it doesn't have to be a complex craft. It can be as simple as filling little bags. Check here for some ideas and read our tips for help.

Where can I swap?
Many organizations such as girls scouts and camp fire USA set up swapping at their events. If yours doesn't, why not set up a program yourself? You can also swap online with us or set up your own swap on our forum.

Can I swap on my own?
Sure, there are lots of internet swaps. Just do a Google or Yahoo search to find one.

If I have an idea, will you use it online?
Sure, please just be careful not to violate other peoples copyrights and give credit where it is due. Click here to find out how to submit an idea.