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Recycled SWAPs

Reuse, repurpose, and recycle. These terms are familiar with Girl Scouts everywhere, and now we have the perfect SWAPs to spread the word. Made with repurposed or recycled materials, there is something for Girls Scouts of every level; jiffy popcorn, teacups, animals, and even an Oscar the Grouch looking SWAP, the Girl Scout SWAPs will definitely teach and encourage scouts and others about fun crafts that can be made with recycled items.

Girl Scout Jiffy Pop SWAP
Jiffy Pop SWAP
by Katie
Bottle Caps
Girl Scout Swap Stress Bottle Cap
Beyond Stress
By Keila, Age 12
Troop #149
Pawhuska, OK
Girl Scout Swap Puzzle Piece Butterfly
Puzzle Piece Butterflies
By Terri
Girl Scout Swap Bottle Cap Water Jug
Bottle Cap 
Water Jug

By Terri
Girl Scout Film Canister Reindeer Swap
Film Canister Reindeer SWAPs

Troops 1295 & 1296
Highland, UT
Girl Scout Soda Bottle Butterfly Swap
Soda Bottle Butterflies
By Troop 133 of Florida
Girl Scout Puzzle Piece Faces Swap
Puzzle Piece
By Terri
Girl Scout Swap Bottle Cap Teacup
Sport Bottle Cap Teacup
By Terri
Girl Scout Crab Bottle Cap Swap
Bottle Cap Crab
By Terri
Bottle Caps
Girl Scout Lobster Swap
Made from Kool Aid Drink Caps
From SWAPaholic
Girl Scout Swap Six Pack Holder Butterfly
Six Pack Holder
From Nancy H. in Texas
From SWAPaholic
Girl Scout Oscar the Grouch Swap
Oscar the Grouch Swap
Not sure where this one came from.
Girl Scout Pot of Beans Swap
Bottle Top
Pot of Beans

By Terri
Plastic Lace 
Girl Scout Canteen Swap
Canteen SWAP
Made from Film Canister Lids
From SWAPaholic
Girl Scout Swap Puzzle Pieces
Silver & Gold
Puzzle Piece
"Make New Friends"
By Terri
Girl Scout Elephant Swap
Elephant SWAP
By Nancy H. in Texas
Made from Film Canister Lid
Girl Scout Bottlecap Drum Swap
Bottle Top Drum
By Terri
Vinyl Tape
Girl Scout Bottle Cap Sun Swap
Bottle Cap Sun
By Terri
Bottle Caps
Girl Scout Swap Bottle Cap Hat
Bottle Cap Sun
By Terri
Mini Bows
Girl Scout Swap Mini Photo Frame
Mini Photo Frames
By Terri
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