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Music and Instrument SWAPs

Make your own music

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Create a musically-themed girl scout SWAP

And you’ll have new friends hanging around.

Choose from our wide selection of cute SWAPS!

There is one guaranteed to meet every musical taste, as well as and a variety of heritages.

Girl Scout Disco Swap
Disco SWAPs
By Terri

Girl Scout Bird Swap
Bird SWAPs
By Terri
Girl Scout Tambourine Swap
Tambourine SWAP
By, Terri
Directions | Kit
Girl Scout Wind Tambourine Swap
Wind Tambourine
By Terri
Jingle Bells
Girl Scout Mini Drum Swap  
Mini Drum on a Pin
By Terri
Directions |
 Girl Scout Love to Sing Swap
Love 2 Sing
By Terri
Directions | Music Foamies
Girl Scout Wind Chime Mini Flute Swap
Wind Chime Mini Flute
By Terri
Wind Chimes
Girl Scout Xylophone Swap
Xylophone SWAPs
Not sure who made these.
Girl Scout Love to Play Swap
Love 2 Play
By Terri
Letter Beads | #Beads
Girl Scout Record Swap
50s Record SWAPs
By Terri
Girl Scout Bottlecap Drum Swap
Bottle Top Drum
By Terri
Vinyl Tape
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