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Terri Bose Girl Scout SwapThis me on a good day in 2005. So when you see this same picture in 2015 you'll know it was the last good picture I ever took.

I'm a girl scout leader and the creator of and "Badge in a Bag". I started this website to fill the huge cyber hole left behind when swapaholics went down. I'll keep it pop up free and without banner advertising. Hopefully, you'll find the information helpful and follow the links to the store when you need to purchase something for your group.

You can email me at

Girl Scout Swap JimnotThis is my husband, Jim. Not really, it's Johnny Depp but if I actually posted my husband's picture on a kid's craft website, the guys at Harley would never let him hear the end of it.

Johnny, I mean Jim, works with me at He counts all the beans (beads?) and manages the daily operations of our warehouse. 

Girl Scout SwapThis my daughter, Jamie. She's very photogenic. All her pictures come out really good. She hated posing in the hat, so I had to bribe her with a new outfit to get the smile. You'll find Jamie's photos throughout She's been posing with my craft creations since she was two years old.

Jamie has been a girl scout since Daisies. We bridging our troop to Cadettes this year. She's a very talented crafter but would much rather be at the dance studio or doing gymnastics.